Automatic thermoforming machine for polycarbonate lenses and masks - CPL32


Power supply: 220V/380V three-phase
Electric power: 5 kW
Machine dimensions: Ø120 x H 120 cm
Control board dimensions: 47 (L) x 39 (W) x 96 (H) cm
Weight: 340 kg


CPL32 is a simple and versatile unit to thermoform lenses in plastic materials such as TAC polarized, polycarbonate and lenses obtained by flat sheets. It enables to bend lenses in series and to maintain a high sphericity precision.

CPL32 machine is one of a kind for the quality of production. High productivity and low maintenance and working costs make the equipment highly convenient. 

  • Thermoforming molds: the machine can fit different types of molds for thermoforming single lenses or masks
  • Vacuum pump: included
  • Temperature control: by means of digital temperature controller that enables to set the chamber temperature 
  • Max workin temperature: 155°C
  • Cycle time setting: by means of a programmable timer 
  • Production: 200/600 pcs/hour