Glass chemical tempering oven

Automatic oven for chemical tempering of glass - TC804A


Maximum glass dimension 350x200mm
Electric power: 7,5 kW
Oven overall dimensions: L=98 x W=163 x H=150 cm
Net weight: 415 kg (salt not included)


LEMA TC 804A unit represents the ideal solution to any problem that companies may face in tempering small production batches of lenses/glass items.

The chemical tempering process increases impact resistance of  lenses / glass without any optical distortion.

LEMA TC 804A does not require any staff intervention during the tempering cycle .

The control and safety systems eliminate the need for human intervention even in the event of malfunctioning in the system or power failure.

Should a power failure occur, the programmer will automatically remove the glasses from the bath and stop the cycle. The cycle will resume as soon as the working conditions and temperature of the bath return to normal.

LEMA TC 804A is delivered fully assembled; to start working it only needs to be connected to electric power line.

Production capacity varies according to the glass dimension.

  • Standard cycle is around 16 hours.
  • Maximum working temperature: 500°C



  • Oven: 98x163x150 cm
  • Total net weight: kg 415
  • Tank size: 45x45x37,5 cm
  • Tank capacity: 95/100 kg of salt