Glass chemical tempering oven

Automatic oven for chemical tempering of glass - TC9000


Maximum glass dimension 2000x1000mm
Electric power: 84 kW
Oven overall dimensions: L=300 x W=470 x H=400 cm
Weight: 6300 kg (salt not included)


For forty years LEMA has been developing and producing chemical tempering equipment of high quality, flexibility and innovative concept for chemical tempering of glass products.

LEMA TC 9000 unit allows to temper glass sheets up to a maximum size of 2000x1000mm, starting from 1mm thickness.

LEMA TC 9000 construction and running features have been carefully designed and automated to meet the strict requirements of the chemical tempering process.

LEMA TC 9000 does not require any staff intervention during the tempering cycle.

The control and safety systems eliminate the need for human intervention even in the event of malfunctioning in the system or power failure.

In LEMA TC 9000 unit the rack with the glasses comes out from the bath automatically if the salt temperature exceeds the allowed tolerances, there is a fault in the system or in the power line. The glass will come down again in the tank with salt only when the temperature will return to the working value.

The construction is extremely strong. The melting tank is built in stainless steel AISI 321, thickness 8mm; its shape and welding technique make it suitable to withstand the strong mechanical stresses due to thermal expansions.

The heating power of the resistors in the furnace is distributed in such a way as to guarantee the uniformity of the bath temperature (+/- 5° C); installed electrical power 60 kW.

The pre-heating chamber placed over the furnace has an installed electric power of 24 kW.

LEMA TC 9000 has been designed to minimize the costs of chemical tempering processes, the energy consumption in steady state is 10-15 kW per hour.

Production capacity varies according to the glass dimension.

  • Standard cycle is around 16 hours.
  • Maximum working temperature: 510°C



  • Electrical oven complete with stainless steel tank
  • Upper dome with glass lifting automation
  • Framework for loading and unloasing of the rack
  • Rack to hold the glass, stainless steel AISI 316
  • Control board



  • Oven: 300X470X400 cm
  • Total net weight: 6300 kg (salt not included)
  • Tank size: 200X90X100 cm
  • Tank capacity: 4000/4200 kg of salt